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The thinking and framing for this bibliography was significantly informed by the meeting on Women’s Rights in Transitions to Democracy: Achieving Rights, Resisting Backlash. Special thanks go to the Women’s Learning Partnership, who led the organization of that collaborative meeting with inputs from the Equality Without Reservation Coalition and Global Fund for Women. Thanks also to all of the meeting participants, whose analysis and experiences helped give shape to this collection. Participants and speakers representing other regions at the meeting contributed with suggested articles and texts for this collection.

We would like to thank those who offered support including Lina Abou-Habib, and Rabea Naciri. Special appreciation is due to members of our Advisory Group. These individuals offered important initial reactions and guidance for the mapping concept and focus: Deniz Kandiyoti, Farah Salka, Sussan Tahmasebi and the two consultants from the MENA region – Zeina Zaatari and Samah Helmy who were instrumental in identifying specific thematic areas and priorities and selecting resources to include. The introduction was conceptualised and written together by Adina Spivak, Angelika Arutyunova and Zeina Zaatari.

Thanks to the members of AWID’s team: Adina Spivak for fully overseeing the project’s completion and doing major compilation of resources, Angelika Arutyunova and Cindy Clark for conceptual oversight and contribution, and Ani Colekessian for her research assistance.

Finally, sincere thanks to the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) for the financial support that made possible this mapping as well as other dimensions of AWID’s work to facilitate cross-regional experience sharing and strategizing in support of women’s rights in transitions to democracy in the MENA region.