About the Theme "Transitions to Democracy"

The Transitions to Democracy category mirrors the title of the mapping by including pieces that provide a more general historic geopolitical overview of specific countries or situations in transition from a broad cross-cutting perspective, thus setting a contextual tone for more specific categories of resources.

Title Author(s) Country/Region Keywords Link
Your mouth is fundamental against religious fundamentalisms AWID, Articulación Feminista Marcosur (AFM) and Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir (Catholics for a Free Choice) in Mexico , , , View Article
Women’s Rights In Transitions To Democracy: Achieving Rights, Resisting Backlash AWID , , , , , View Article
What are the opportunities to promote gender equity and equality in conflict-affected andfragile states? Insights from a review of evidence O'Connell, Helen , , View Article
What Causes Democracy? Mazo, Eugene , , , View Article
Women and the Democratic State: Agents of Gender Policy Reform in the Context of Regime Transition in Venezuela (1970 – 2007) Nayhari Roja, Ines , , , , , , , , View Article
Women’s Organizations and Democracy in South Africa: Contesting Authority Hassim, Shireen , , , View Article
Women’s Political Organizations in the Transition to Democracy Pereira, Ana Prata , , , , , View Article
Women’s rights activism in post-Jan25 Egypt: Combating the Shadow of the First Lady Syndrome in the Arab world Elsadda, Hoda , , , , View Article
Women’s Rights in Democratizing States: Just Debate and Gender Justice in the Public Sphere Walsh, Denise M. , , , , View Article
Gender Issues in Transition: The East Central European Experience Einhorn, Barbara , , , View Article
The Tipping Point: Transitions to Democracy in Latin America and the Middle East N/A , , , , , , View Article
*Building a New Iraq Ensuring Women’s Rights Esfandiari,Haleh; Anita Sharma; Jillian Frumkin; Julia Bennett , , , , View Article
Gendering Transition to Democracy in Mexico Ortiz-Ortega, Adriana and Barquet, Mercedes , , , , , , , , View Article
The Transformation of the Arab World Roy, Oliver , , , View Article
*Fragmented feminisms: women’s organisations and citizenship in ‘transition’ in Poland Coyle, Angela , , , View Article
Imagining Female Citizenship in the ‘New Spain’: Gendering the Democratic Transition, 1975–1978 Radcliff, Pamela Beth , , View Article
Tunisia’s Transition and the Twin Tolerations Stepan, Alfred , , , View Article
*What can the South African transition tell us about gender and democratization? Waylen, Georgina , , , View Article
Indonesian political transition, democracy and women’s movements: experience and reflections Mar'Iyah, Chusnul , View Article
A Conspiracy of Women’: The Women’s Movement in South Africa’s Transition to Democracy. Hassim, Shireen , , , , View Article
Is the Arab Awakening Marginalizing Women? Esfandiari, Haleh View Article
Act of Omission: Gender and Local Government in the Transition Robinson, Jennifer , , , View Article
Pathways to Democratic Transitions: Summary Report on Country Experiences, Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead Mohieddin, Mohamed , , , , , , , , View Article
Democratization, Women’s Movements, and Gender-Equitable States: A Framework for Comparison Viterna, Jocelyn and Fallon M. Kathleen , View Article
Resolving the Democracy Paradox: Democratization and Women’s Legislative Representation in Developing Nations, 1975 to 2009. Fallon, Kathleen M.Swiss, LiamViterna, Jocelyn , , , , , View Article
Does the Quality of Democracy Matter for Women’s Rights? Just Debate and Democratic Transition in Chile and South Africa. Walsh, Denise M. , , , , , View Article
The Arab Spring & Implications for Women N/A , , , View Article
Engendering Democracy in Brazil: Women’s Movements in Transition Politics Alvarez, Sonia , , , , View Article
The Languages of the Arab Revolutions Filali-Ansary, Abdou , , , , View Article
Enhancing the Substantive Representation of Women: Lessons from Transitions to Democracy Waylen, Georgina , , , View Article
The Regional Meeting on Women’s Empowerment in the Economic, Social and Political Transformation of the Middle East Colin Dürkop, Suna Güzin Aydemir , , , View Article
Gender and the Struggle for Power: A Sociological Analysis of Women’s Participation in Ukraine’s Parliamentary Elections after the Orange Revolution Hrycak, Alexandria , , , View Article
The State of Local Democracy in the Arab World Ayoub, Ayman , , View Article