About the Theme "Transitional Justice"

The Transitional Justice category examines different case studies showcasing the impact of addressing injustice on the degree to which women’s rights were achieved in various democratization processes. Women have often been referred to as “weapons of war” in all kinds of conflicts across and within borders, in different cultures, times and regions. Mechanisms used to bring those crimes committed before, during, and after conflicts and wars to justice are critical for laying the foundation for the new democracies.

Title Author(s) Country/Region Keywords Link
Political Violence and Gender during Times of Transition Ni Aolain, Fionnuala , , , , View Article
Systeme Degage? Women and Transitional Justice in the Wake of the Arab Spring Bennoune, Karima , , View Article
Transitional Justice in the Arab Countries: Opportunities and Challenges Rishmawi, Mona , , , , , , View Article
Truth Commissions and Gender: Principles, Policies, and Procedures Nesiah, Vasuki , , View Article
Women, Security, and the Patriarchy of Internationalized Transitional Justice Ni Aolain, Fionnuala , , , View Article
Does Feminism Need a Theory ofTransitional Justice? An IntroductoryEssay Bell, Christine and Catherine O , , View Article
En(Gender)ing Peace: Gender Mainstreaming in Transitional Justice Alam, Mayesha , , , View Article
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A Window of Opportunity: Making Transitional Justice Work for Women, second edition. Valji, Nahla , , View Article