About the Theme "Responses to Fundamentalism"

In the Responses to Fundamentalisms category, we uncover how religious fundamentalisms have been challenged in varying contexts by women’s rights activists and other rights-based movements. AWID’s own Challenging Religious Fundamentalisms program explores cross-religion and cross-region experiences of fundamentalisms as well as strategies for responding to fundamentalist rationalizations and actions against women’s rights. Understanding the factors that cause fundamentalisms to grow and how fundamentalist groups and organizations build support for their views is also a crucial ingredient for developing strategies to promote women’s rights and equality. Addressing the negative implications of fundamentalisms is crucial to women’s rights, while at the same time, the ability to build strong alliances across borders requires confronting how Islamophobic and orientalist discourses have essentialized Islam and dehumanized Muslims and how international solidarities can be forged in this context.

Title Author(s) Country/Region Keywords Link
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