About the Theme "Movement Building"

The Movement Building category amplifies the importance of collective action and movement based approach to organizing with an array of rich resources giving a colorful account of successes in advancement of women’s rights. This category also interrogates the importance of building bridges across movements to achieve greater possibilities for change.

Title Author(s) Country/Region Keywords Link
Changing Their World: Concepts And Practices Of Women’s Movements 2nd Edition AWID, Batliwala, Srilatha (Ed.) , , , , , View Article
Women Speak: Reflections on Our Struggles Meer, Shamim , , , View Article
Citizenship rights and women’s roles in development in post-conflict Nepal Pant, Bijan & Kay Standing , , , , , , View Article
Women’s Organizing and Electoral Breakthroughs in Croatia and Serbia Irvine, Jill , , , , , View Article
Creating Voice and Carving Space: Redefining governance from a gender perspective Mukhopadhyay, Maitrayee and Shamim Meer , , , , View Article
Feminist Praxis: Women’s Transnational and Place Based Struggles for Change Harcourt, Wendy , , , , , View Article
Image Politics in the Middle East: The Role of the Visual in Political Struggle’ Khatib, Lina , View Article
Feminist & Women’s Movement Building in Southern Africa Wilson, Shamillah , , , , , , , View Article
Islamic Politics, Human Rights and Women’s Claims for Equality in Iran Razavi, Shahra , , , , , , View Article
Feminist Agendas and Democracy in Latin America Jaquette, Jane S. , View Article
Missionaries and Mandarins: Feminist Engagement with Development Institutions Miller, Carol and Shahra Razavi , , , , View Article
No Revolutions without Equality and Justice: The struggle for women’s rights in rethinking development in the Arab Region Mohamadieh, Kinda , , , View Article
Revisiting Equality as a Right: The Minimum Age of Marriage Clause in the Nigerian Child Rights Act, 2003 Toyo, Nkoyo , , , , View Article
Women’s Movements and Democratic Transition in Chile, Brazil, East Germany, and Poland Baldez, Lisa , , , , , , , , , , , , View Article
The global-local intersection of feminism in Muslim societies: the cases of Iran and Azerbaijan Tohidi, Nayereh , , , View Article
Women’s Political Effectiveness: A Conceptual Framework Goetz, Anne Marie , , View Article
The Politics of Rights—Dilemmas for Feminist Praxis: an introduction Cornwall, Andrea & Maxine Molyneux , , , , , View Article
Against All Odds: The women’s movement in the Islamic Republic of Iran Hoodfa, Homa and Fatemeh Sadeghi , View Article
The role of women in the resistance to political authoritarianism in Latin America and South Asia Hensman, Rohini , , View Article